Generating the random for queue encryption in OpenSMTPd

openssl my love No superfluous blah blah blah blah blah blah: openssl rand for pseudo random -hex for hexadecimal result we can also make -base64, 16 for 16 char in input so the result will be there of 32 hexadecimal characters.This value will be used to encrypt the queue in OpenSMTP

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Virt-manager and OpenBSD

A quick post on how to use OpenBSD in virt-manager (KVM & libvirt), which I use instead of virtualbox or vmware. While installing OpenBSD in a VM with virt-manager I had the horrible experience of seeing the characters typed on the keyboard multiply by 6 or 7 from time to time which is very constraining… Continue reading Virt-manager and OpenBSD

mt on ultrium lto-3

Basic commands for the use of ultrium (digging up mode) The advantage of the ultrium LTO-3 cartridges is that it was possible for me to buy a package on ebay.OK, there was a backup from a UK IT company with database and java sources for the health service but, even though the data looks crispy,… Continue reading mt on ultrium lto-3