Chroot v2.0 (btrfs inside)

Intro Just before starting, I’m going to remind you how to do a chroot on a classic file system (ext4, xft, fat, etc) and then, we’ll see how to do it on our brand new standard : Btrfs. Contrary to the manipulation to change the root password, that we will also use to repair a… Continue reading Chroot v2.0 (btrfs inside)

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Podman CTF Friend – FR

Disclaimer: n’utilisant pas les pods dans ce petit article, vous pouvez utiliser docker à la place de podman pour répliquer les commandes ci-dessous, mais avouez, ce serai dommage 😉 Et, oui, je ne fais pas de dockerfile, car il me semble préférable d’ajouter au fur et à mesure en fonction de mes besoins mais rien… Continue reading Podman CTF Friend – FR

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Or how to spend 2 days on a problem that is not a problem. While preparing a dhcp server on my project, I had a small design problem, as the VLANs under Linux are on the same physical interface (where the trunk arrives), I couldn’t set up a dhcp (because the address is the same… Continue reading DHCPDEXPERIMENT

Virsh, the framewok of Hell

This post is just a memento The commands I use the most at the moment: Useful to connect to the hypervisor without having to do an ssh and then do a sudo. In a previous post I said that I rarely use CLI for my VMs, it’s true, but sometimes it’s easier. List which VMs… Continue reading Virsh, the framewok of Hell

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